Vacancy for Farm Technician


The Department of Agropreneurship of the Kumasi Technical University requests the services of a Farm Technician.

Key Responsibilities and Functions:

The person will be requested to:

  1. Provide technical guidance to students in conducting routine farm agronomic practices.
  2. Provide technical guidance to students in conducting routine animal husbandry practices.
  3. Supervise students to perform field research and farmhouse practical work.
  4. Prepare and present agricultural demonstrations to students during practical lessons.
  5. Provide oversight responsibility for maintenance of practical fields, experimental fields, farmhouse, equipment, machinery, etc.
  6. Manage crop and animal production projects established on the Department’s Farm. 
  7. Send students on practical assignments and training tours.
  8. Assess students’ practical task and assignments.   

Essential Skills Required

  1. Strong practical knowledge of agronomic and animal husbandry practices.
  2. Conversant with new and emerging technologies in agricultural production practices.
  3. Good skills in farm and experimental research – e.g. experimental design, data collection, measurements, record keeping, analysis, and writing of reports.
  4. Good farm management skills.
  5. Good communication skills – oral and written.
  6. Computer literacy – MS-word, Excel, Power point, etc.      

Educational Requirements

  1. A Diploma or Degree in Agricultural Science.
  2. Preferable applicants may be from a recognized agricultural training college or institution.
  3. A demonstrated work experience is highly desirable.

Mode of Application:

 Interested candidates should submit hardcopies of their application including cover letter and curriculum vitae to:

The Registrar

Kumasi Technical University

P. O. Box 854


Posted Date: 
Thursday, May 20, 2021